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Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers at Crescent Collectibles in Omaha, NE

Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers

1972 Heisman Trophy Winner, Collegiate Hall of Fame


“For several years, I’ve worked with Mary Perkins and Scott Hunt on several projects. When they do shows out of the Nebraska area, I’ve gone along with them to do autograph sessions and to support their affairs. For the last five years, I put on the Husker/Heisman/NCAA event in Omaha, Nebraska. This events brings legendary athletes from all over the country to a fundraising event for charity. I selected Mary and Scott to provide all the authentic sports items, as they are consistently professional, honest and work extremely hard to bring top-quality items to every event. I don’t know any other company that provides such a wide range of quality autographed items (with pictures of the famous athletes signing the item, along with Letters of Authenticity). I enjoy working with them and highly recommend their services and their products to anyone.”